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Hacking and Cyber Security Briefing
Manu Zacharia
Thomas Kurian Ambattu
Akash Joseph Thomas




The DOME CTF is being organized as a joint venture of Kerala Police CyberDome and Appfabs at c0c0n XII. This challenge is being organized to raise awareness about cyber-attacks and reinforce the importance of cyber security to protect the data and information from various cybercrimes. Additionally, this competition will make participants to compete and showcase their skills and also race against the clock to solve as many challenges as possible ahead of the other contestants.

DOMECTF showcases different challenges that utilize or exercise specific areas of focus which include latest technologies and vulnerabilities. Some of the popular areas of focus are:

  • Programming
  • Crypto
  • Exploitation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Network Attack

In DOMECTF players/teams will compete against each other, head-to-head, to take control or maintain the control of a system. This is a live, player vs. player "gamified" attack and defense activity, designed for demonstration of cyber security skills in an immersive and interactive applied learning environment. In this format both the teams must try to penetrate another team’s network and capture flags while simultaneously defending their own network from attacks by their opponent team.